Bio + Artist Statement


Debbie Eschoe is a Brooklyn based Fine Art Photographer and Artist. She was born in Jamaica but at twelve years old relocated to New York City with her family.

A graduate of Brooklyn College she studied Film Photography.

Debbie worked as a Graphic and Website Designer while honing her skills as a Photographer and Print-Maker. She works with a variety of mediums – color pencils, pastels, inks, oil and acrylic paints, wax just to name a few to create her art.

Her work consists of Limited Edition Giclée Prints, Lino Prints, Art Greeting Cards and one of a kind Mixed Media works of art.


I approach art by embracing both the past and present. In order for me to continue my journey as an artist I needed to explore where my love of art began. As a child I loved going to the movies and realized early on how much of a lasting impact some of the movies had on me – whether it was the actors, the storyline, the cinematography or all of the above.

As I got older my interest in the arts grew. It was while studying film in college that I took a photography and graphic design course and became acutely aware of conceptual imagery and creative visualization.

That awareness has influenced my work. I have evolved as an artist by experimenting and embracing past and present mediums – Film and Digital Photography, Hand-Coloring and Digital Manipulation, Encaustic, Platinum/Palladium and Giclée prints among other Mixed Media Process.

My artistic goal is to create, experiment and continue to be open to this visual language called art.