Bio + Artist Statement


Debbie Eschoe is a Brooklyn based Photographer and Artisan.  She was born in Jamaica but moved to New York City with her family when she was twelve years old.

She is a graduate of Brooklyn College where she studied Film Photography.

After graduation Debbie worked as a Graphic and Website Designer while honing her skills as both Photographer and Print-Maker. In addition to her camera, she works with a variety of  mediums – paints, color pencils, beeswax,  platinum & palladium solutions just to name a few to create her art.

Her Fine Art work consists of one of a kind and Limited Edition Giclée Prints, Platinum/Palladium Prints, Hand-Color Photography Prints, Encaustics and Mixed Media works of art.


I approach art by embracing both the past and present. In order for me to continue my journey as an artist I needed to explore where my love of art began. As a child I loved going to the movies and realized early on how much of a lasting impact some of the movies had on me – whether it was the actors, the storyline, the cinematography or all of the above mentioned.

As I got older my interest in the arts grew and it was while studying film in college to better understand the original concept of the moving image that I took a photography and graphic design course and became acutely aware of conceptual imagery, creative visualization and interpretation.

That understanding of perception greatly influences my work and has made me evolve as an artist by experimenting with a variety of mediums both past and present – Film and Digital Photography, Digital Manipulation, Hand-Coloring & Toning Processing, Alternative & Encaustic Photography Processing and other Mixed Media Process.

My artistic goal is to continue to create and be open to this visual language called art.