Debbie Eschoe is a fine art photographer and artist residing in Brooklyn. She was born in Jamaica but has called New York City home since the age of twelve.

Throughout her artistic journey, Debbie has dedicated herself to mastering various mediums including color pencils, pastels, inks, wax, charcoals, oil and acrylic paints, to name just a few.

Her portfolio boasts a diverse range of artwork, including limited edition giclée prints, paintings, art cards, mono and lino prints, as well as unique mixed media pieces.


Approaching art with the mindset of a cinematographer, I strive to visually convey compelling narratives through my work.

My artistic journey began while studying at Brooklyn College. I discovered the power of conceptual imagery and creative visualization in a photography and graphic design course.

This awareness shaped and influenced my artistic endeavors as I’ve explored a wide range of mediums, both traditional and modern – from film and digital photography to hand-coloring and painting giclée prints, as well as digital manipulation, encaustic paintings, platinum and palladium printing, and mixed media techniques.

My artistic vision is to constantly experiment, push boundaries and remain receptive to the ever-evolving language of visual art.