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Save The Date

Debbie Eschoe Photography Save The Date Photography Exhibition – 4-28-18

At some point during the year I took a break from working on various projects and started concentrating on my art. It wasn’t an easy decision saying no to friends and family but I knew it was the best decision for me.

Over the past few years I worked at honing my skills as an artist. I am now prepared to showcase my work. On Saturday, April 28th 2018, from 6-9:30PM I will be exhibiting my work for the first time.

For my exhibition, I am wearing many hats – artist, curator, researcher, marketer just to name a few. It is both exciting and petrifying at the same time as I navigate the unfamiliar and unknown.

So to get the ball rolling, I started with my very first save the date post cards from

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Fine Art Photographer and Mixed Media Artist.

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