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Why I Decided To Have A Solo Photography Exhibition


There is a point in an artist life when they seek professional representation from a reputable art gallery. I am no different, I started looking for representation but ultimately became dismayed by the entire process.

Some of the photography galleries I came across only dealt with ’emerging celebrity artists’ or ‘established artists’. It seemed none of the galleries were willing to take on emerging artists (unless you are a celebrity or related to one).

Then there was what I called the very real threats regarding submission of unsolicited artworks. Quite a few other galleries were not looking for my type of art.

When more research yielded no luck I thought why not have my own photography exhibition. The more I thought about a solo exhibition and publicly voiced my opinion the more the idea grew on me.

I became pro-active – with pen to paper began laying out plans for my Photography and Art Exhibition.

I immediately went to work on finding a location for my exhibition. Once the space was secured, I put on my Photo Editor’s hat and chose a Theme as well as carefully chose the images I wanted to exhibit. I needed promotional materials so I designed a Post Card and a Companion Book for direct mailing

The truly hard part was the printing process, but my  beloved Epson Printer  did a fantastic job printing all giclee prints.

My family and friends helped spread the via social media.

I still have tons of work (framing, more direct mailing just to name a few) to do before my show but I am happy I undertook this journey.


Author: debbie

Fine Art Photographer and Mixed Media Artist.

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